Avixa Training

Course Content

MediaStar training empowers installation engineers to bring IPTV solutions online with content successfully delivered across networks to MediaStar players. 

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Engineers will additionally gain a clear understanding of our Media Manager solution, basic digital signage content delivery and of the essential terminology needed to work with network teams. The training lasts one day or 6 hours (x3 two hour sessions) online and covers:

Satellite and Terrestrial
  • Installation of the headend chassis and IP configuration of DVB and encoder blades.
  • Access terrestrial and satellite LAN-Casters, complete source-specific set-up, tuning and IPTV configuration.
Encoders, HLS and iVOD
  • Access and configure encoders for unencrypted and HDCP IPTV stream delivery.
  • Configure encoders for HLS stream delivery.
  • Complete IVod networking setup and configure IVod in Media Manager.
  • Static and dynamic TCP Addressing, Unicast and Multicast stream addressing and multicast stream management via IGMP.
Display Technologies
  • 780 and 782 (DS) players.
  • 780 and 782 player interfaces, configuration and Media Manager integration.
  • Player and screen management, operational and playback troubleshooting.
Portal Player
  • Creating, populating and delivering portals for content playback on handheld, Windows and MAC devices.
Digital Signage
  • Creator Tools project creation and deployment via Media Manager.
Media Manager
  • Licensing, navigating and customising the interface, deploying media, tickers, selection, and playlists. Forced events through jump commands.
Media Manager playlists, jumps, and tickers


Spaces are limited on our Avixa course, so to secure your places and RU credits or for more information, get in touch with our friendly team today via email sales@mediastarsystems.com