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"Currently we are using MediaStar to stream live content, but our next goal is to get our digital signage system, which is also enabled by MediaStar, up and running, so we can fully optimise the solution by offering advertising and promotions to sponsors," 

"It is exciting to be in this position and if we can create a revenue stream from our IPTV infrastructure that will be hugely beneficial to us."

Ivor Heller
Commercial Director at AFC Wimbledon, UK

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"With the MediaStar and Argentex teams working together we were able to achieve our objectives and meet the requirements of the business in terms of the dual displays. The system is unobtrusive and installed cleanly with no visible cabling, so it provides the right "look" that we wanted. We can also make channel changes easily, tweak templates for readability and apply branding to screens which gives us a unified and branded system that is working well for everybody."

Russ Fowden
Head of IT & Systems Architect at Argentex, UK

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"MediaStar is highly effective at effortlessly distributing a wide range of content - from a playlist of videos and images to news feeds - around our building. Perhaps the most impactful element has been the ability to schedule content through the building, allowing each box to output its own individual content at a chosen time. The flexibility of the system is very impressive."

Andy Walker
Digital Communications Manager at The Quadram Institute, UK

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"We didn’t have a system like this prior to Cabletime. We have seen not only a significant turnover in betting, but in champagne sales as well. Visitors are here for a long time, particularly on race days, and we want to deliver content, live action and information smoothly and in an entertaining way. It works very well."

Michael Moloney
General Manager, Galway Racecourse, Ireland

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"We expect to use the MediaStar system as a means to generate revenue by selling air-time during the intermissions."

Leonardo Conti
Marketing Manager, Augsburger Panthers, Germany

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"The client specifically required us to ensure live streaming and content distribution infrastructure is fit for purpose, in a building expected to host live events with eminent personalities from across the world and at an ‘Oxford’ institution. More importantly, it had to be reliable and scalable as and when required with future physical modifications to the building. Keeping these in mind, we approached MediaStar for an integrated suite of software and hardware products to create a comprehensive and fully managed IPTV, streaming and signage system. Utilising an installed TCP-IP infrastructure it allows for the delivery of almost unlimited channels of video media and information from one part of the building to any other; to an unlimited number of displays, TVs, tablets and phones within network reach. With comprehensive management and administration software, the scheduling, content acquisition and storage of media are made easy with assured, repeatable and accurate delivery across any organisation. I am pleased to say, MediaStar exceeded our expectations and fully met our client’s expectations". 

Steve Royans
Business Development Director at Snelling Business Systems, UK

"Updates are almost instantaneous and we can schedule them to keep customers interested without distracting them too much from their shopping."

Stephen Hines
CTO at Parkers Convenience Stores, USA

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"So much flexibility in the delivery of digital media enhances the offering to our customers. The icing on the cake is the boost to match-day revenue streams." 

Carol Wilby
Chief Executive at Chesterfield FC, UK

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"Media Manager was the game changer for us in terms of getting real commercial benefit out of the MediaStar system."

Pat Mellsop
Commercial Director, Kent County Cricket Club, UK

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