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Support Services

  • The availability of ongoing support services are a crucial part of any new system selection process and we pride ourselves in offering products and support services that see some of our customers still actively using MediaStar systems over fifteen years old!
  • If you are using MediaStar systems and you need support, you should firstly contact your installer or reseller. They will already have a full working knowledge of your system and will know the details of the installation, so it is likely they will be able to help you to a solution in the quickest time.
  • If your MediaStar system is not covered under a reseller maintenance contract or if you are a reseller who needs some assistance with an issue, then our support team can help you.
  • Our support is mainly email based, but we also provide telephone support, remote computer connections and on-site visits as part of the service. If our support engineers do diagnose a problem with your MediaStar equipment, then we offer a full repair service with Advance Replacement (AR) and Software upgrade services as well.
  • We have extensive experience diagnosing problems with networks and other third-party systems which interface with MediaStar equipment.  We are happy to share this experience and provide advice diagnosing issues and we can liaise directly with your in-house IT and AV teams.  However, it should be remembered that the formal scope of our support services is limited to MediaStar equipment and software.
  • Sometimes our customers request us to come to site to provide support, most commonly if they want to get ‘all the parties together’ to resolve a problem. We can provide on-site support services, but these are chargeable on a daily rate, plus travel and subsistence (usually where flights or overnight stays are required).
  • We also provide chargeable on-site support services where customers or resellers want help from us with initial system commissioning or MediaStar system training.  The sales team can provide individual quotations for all on-site services.
  • Our support team are best contacted using the email support@mediastarsystems.com. We do our best to get back to you with advice or further questions on the same working day. However, if you are a reseller and are onsite with an urgent issue, you should telephone your local office and they will put you in contact with the support department directly or take a call-back telephone number.
  • If you report a problem, please include the serial number of the affected equipment.  We can then tell what the equipment exactly is, how old it is, and whether it is covered by an AR or software upgrade agreement.  Our support team will then take you through a series of debugging steps that may fix the issue straightaway, or they will establish if the units are faulty and then an AR replacement or repair can be organised.
  • The majority of our support will be given via email; however, we may also want to talk to you on the phone (language and time-zones permitting).  We may also want to remotely access your MediaStar system using our TeamViewer remote access software (or we can use your own remote desktop control software).  We will sometimes collect log files from your systems (or ask you to forward them to us) to help us diagnose problems.
  • Our support team fully understands the challenges that occur in modern AV installations and we will always do our best to get any issues resolved as quickly as possible.  We are also always happy to talk to you and provide help and advice on the best way to setup and run your own MediaStar system.