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Support / RMAs

All MediaStar products come fully backed up with a support, warranty and repair service.

Our support team are here to help you identify the cause of any problem, then get your equipment replaced or repaired as quickly as possible. This is free when your equipment is covered under warranty or an Advanced Replacement (AR) support agreement, or we can offer a full (chargeable) repair service otherwise.

  • All MediaStar products come with a two-year return to base warranty. This means that if your product fails in any way within the first two years of use, the product can be shipped back to MediaStar Systems and we will repair it free of charge. If a product fails within the first 90 days of use, a replacement will be sent to you as soon as a support engineer has confirmed the fault.
  • If a product develops a fault beyond its warranty period or outside of an AR contract, MediaStar Systems offer a chargeable manufacturer repair service, which includes a full-unit 90-day warranty.

When you suspect problems with a product, your first call should be to the reseller who installed the system or the reseller who you currently have a support contract with. They will have an in-depth understanding of your installation and they should be able to resolve any issues quickly.  

If you are a MediaStar reseller or an end-customer and you don’t have any other support agreement in place, then you can contact the MediaStar support team who will be able to help you get things working again.  

The support team are best contacted using the email support@mediastarsystems.com. We do our best to get back to you with advice or further questions on the same working day. However, if you are a reseller and are onsite with an urgent issue, you should telephone your local MediaStar Systems office and they will put you in contact with the support department directly or take a call-back telephone number.

Our customer support team will go through a diagnostic process with you. Please send the serial number of the equipment affected first. This can be found on the unit’s outside case or from the status webpage of the unit itself. The support team will ask you details about the problem and they may ask you to check settings, perform diagnostic checks or return log files to MediaStar Systems for analysis. This is an important procedure as many issues can be resolved immediately with configuration corrections and we don’t want you to go through the process of repairing or replacing units, only to find the original problem is still there.

Sometimes problems seen on our equipment are caused by issues in related systems; networks or displays for example. In these circumstances we are happy to share our extensive experience with your teams, but the implementation of this advice does not fall within the scope of our support service.

Once the support team have identified a problem with equipment that needs to be repaired, they will pass the case to our RMA team, who organise the return and repair of goods. We aim to get all equipment repaired within 10 working days of receipt and they will then be shipped back to you.

If a product is outside its warranty period or not included in an AR program, then the repair service is chargeable. Our sales, support and RMA teams can provide the cost of repairs.