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Support / Commissioning

When installing a new MediaStar system, our support team can come to a customer’s site and help commission the system.  

When our support engineers arrive on site, we would expect the physical installation of equipment to have been completed by the system integrator, together with the necessary LAN connectivity. Our support engineers can than then provide assistance with the installation of our Media Manager software on a corporate server, and they can then configure the system according to the client’s needs.  


System configuration typically involves:
  • Establishing network connectivity with all system elements
  • The configuration of all incoming live Media sources (from DVB-S2 and DVB-T Lan-Casters, encoders and third-party streams)
  • Configuring appropriate set top configurations
  • Defining groups of Endpoints and Portal page users which will share common media
  • Setup of all Selection lists, playlists and tickers used
  • Definition of complex media types (Compound media, failover streams etc)
  • Checking all ‘live’ streams are successfully switched through the IP network
  • Configuration of Local administrators
  • Establishing security profiles and interfacing to corporate Active Directory servers


Our engineers have a wide experience installing MediaStar systems and will work with the customer’s IT and AV teams to help resolve networking problems or issues with other interfacing systems. However, please remember that whilst we try to be as helpful as possible, the implementation of our advice in other systems does not fall within the scope of our support service.

Typically, a MediaStar system will take one working day to commission (assuming everything is ready when our engineers arrive on site), but the size and complexity of the system will be taken into account when we provide a commissioning quotation. Our charges are based upon a daily charging rate, plus travel and subsistence. You can contact sales@mediastarsystems.com for a quotation.

We suggest commissioning is booked with MediaStar Systems three weeks in advance, so we can ensure engineers are available and any flights and hotels can be booked at competitive rates if needed.