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Advanced Warranty Services

Sometimes, particularly when MediaStar equipment is used in business-critical systems, it is inconvenient to lose service while equipment is sent back to MediaStar Systems for repair.  

We therefore offer an Advanced Replacement (AR) plan which means once the support team have confirmed a faulty unit, a replacement will be dispatched to the customer on the same or next working day. Our support team can help to remotely configure the equipment when it arrives, so that ‘normal service’ is resumed as quickly as possible. The original faulty unit can then be sent back to MediaStar Systems in a less time-critical manner. There is no repair charge, but if the faulty unit is not returned within a ‘reasonable’ period, the customer will be liable to be charged for the replacement unit.

All equipment which is covered under the Advanced Replacement plan will also receive free software updates for the duration of the cover.

MediaStar equipment can be enrolled into an AR plan for a period of one, three or five years. Enrolment must take place before the equipment ends it initial two-year warranty period, however if a unit is already in an AR plan, the plan can be extended to cover equipment up to 6 years old.

An AR plan can be established which covers anything from a single unit to a complete site or multi-site corporate plan. Your sales team can advise on AR plan pricing by emailing sales@mediastarsystems.com