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These are 3D models of all MediaStar hardware devices that can be used in AutoDesk’s Revit Building Information Modelling (BIM) software.  

Revit allows architects and building designers to construct a full 3D model of a building and all the equipment that is going to be installed in it. This can include details of all the construction materials, ducting, door fittings, furnishings, desks, displays and other equipment that is being planned for use.  

Revit supports both the physical modelling and the BIM element, which makes all the detailed information about the installed equipment available in a database form so it can be easily specified and purchased. BIM models are now a frequent requirement when providing submissions for government and other large scale construction projects. Using our MediaStar Revit BIM models helps to simplify the specification stage of the project.

Each MediaStar component has been modelled as a individual ‘family’, and we have also produced a MediaStar installation Revit ‘project’ file showing how the individual family components can be combined to produce complete system BIM models.

The MediaStar Revit project file shows a 19” rack cabinet, typically found in comms rooms.  It is fitted with two 770 racks (one 770, one 770-DR with dual redundant power supplies) and the other rack mounting equipment available in the MediaStar range (software servers, transcoders, 4K encoders etc.). The 770 racks are shown already fitted with some the various MediaStar ‘blade’ processor modules that are used in typical corporate systems.  

When you have worked our which MediaStar ‘blade’ modules you need in your system (DVB-T2 or S2 RF to IP gateways, HDCP encoders etc.), you can select the appropriate product family model, and ‘physically’ position it within a slot in the 770 rack family model. Any unused rack slots should have the ‘blank’ item positioned in them. This means the physical model shows all the correct components with appropriate cable inputs etc, and the BIM element contains the full specification of the exact MediaStar components you need in your system.

Also shown in the Revit project are sample displays, with 782 or 780 Media players located on their rear faces. These are typically deployed in many offices and communal areas throughout the building.

The 785 Standalone encoder is shown as a separate item in the project model. This is typically used where the video source is remote from the headed (so it would be placed at an appropriate location in your building model) or where the SDI video/audio input is being used.  The 700-482 Transcoder is also shown separately. This would typically be located on a 19” cabinet shelf if required. An empty standalone 769 single ‘blade’ chassis is shown, as well single and double 769 units mounted in the 19” rack.

The individual MediaStar product ‘family’ files are also downloadable from here so you can add discrete items to your existing Revit building project.

If you would like more information, you can request our Revit models here