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Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you updated with some Top Tech Tips for getting extra value from MediaStar Digital Signage.


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Ten
Switching back to business with Digital Signage
  • Schedule business TV channels to stream live into offices and onto trading floors to deliver real-time commercial information
  • Create videos outlining policy updates for distribution using MediaStar Digital Signage to specific government departments


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Nine
Rapid information keeps people on the move safe and informed  
  • Use instant alerts for travel news and health and safety guidance from either the MediaStar Media Manager system, or from our standalone Digital Signage Players using our DCC modules from favourite information sources
  • Deliver the latest national and international news across multiple screens in any lounge, waiting area or concourse using our MediaStar IPTV system  


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Eight
Venturing back into the office? It’s time to refresh employees
  • Use MediaStar iVOD servers to run training and re-training videos to all, or selected, staff that they can access through the Portal Page on their PC, iOs or Android device while they are still remote from the office
  • iVOD also allows content to be available on any display in the office if it is supported by MediaStar Media Players. Administrators can enable access to small groups at scheduled times. 


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Seven
Deliver effective signage remotely
  • MediaStar Creator and MediaStar Tools will work on any system supporting Windows 7, 8 and 10 and enable the design, scheduling and targeting of content remotely for delivery across the IP network to MediaStar 782 players installed at each display screen
  • Use Creator to revise, duplicate or re-schedule previously designed pages to update your safety guidance


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Six
Keep your audience engaged and informed with digital signage
  • Use MediaStar Creator to add live video streams and crawls. Apply fonts, transitions and effects to enhance your message and reinforce guidance or safety rules
  • As government guidance changes, use MediaStar Digital Signage to dynamically amend your content depending on the time of day, run special offers and keep your audience updated without having to completely recreate your pages


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Five
Communicating is key to a safe return to work
  • Access a wide variety of templates in MediaStar Creator to run eye-catching safety graphics alongside corporate videos, live TV streams, text and images
  • Find out more about the latest MediaStar 710 handset, a remote control with a sleek rubber sleeve designed to be easy to clean and keep virus-free


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Four
Use digital signage to spread safety messages far and wide
  • Ensure safety messages and guidance are clear for all audiences by using the new multi-language and custom translation features in Media Manager
  • Access media assets via a desktop shortcut not just in the local language, but local dialect too, and support delegated administrators in multiple locations around the world


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Three
Enhancing customers’ return to work strategies with digital signage features
  • Use the search capability in Media Manager to pinpoint targeted messages based on location, with specific advice or directions to help visitors
  • Check out the ‘Mobile Reference List’, a software remote feature in Media Manager which can be used from the safety of an administrator’s own phone. This will automatically align to every screen on the network through a unique QR code scanned to the mobile phone. This means there will no longer be the need to use frequently handled standard remote-control units


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Two
How can you help your customers with their return to work strategies? 
  • Reinforce safety messages on tickers and in text boxes, and use an HTML overlay as a permanent reminder of best practices
  • Make use of automated controls within MediaStar playlists to ensure screens are automatically scheduled to turn on and off without the need to touch them. This also helps to conserve energy when a screen is not in use


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week One
Are your customers planning their return to work strategies? 
  • Insert vital messaging directly into playlists, from Powerpoint slides and official government guidance through to social distancing and hand-washing reminders
  • Keep track of where safety communications have been displayed and assess for impact using ‘proof of play’ lists


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