RoomStar is a fully interactive hospitality TV system which transforms a room’s display screen into a showcase for all hotel amenities, services and entertainment programming

As an operator you will find that RoomStar is a robust system that is easy to install, setup and use and can be fitted into either a new build or hotel retrofit project. It will provide a branded solution in your livery with centralised management and control. Linking to the hotel PMS makes possible in room “on screen” billing, ordering and messaging. Central administration makes changes and upgrades to the resort compendium quick and easy.

Key Features

  • A consolidated channel and programme guide for your existing television service
  • "App" side bar for internet services such as YouTube and Google search
  • TV and video on demand
  • On screen compendium and concierge messaging
  • Displays spa services, menus and other bookings
  • On screen in room billing
  • Targeted travel apps that link to products or services
  • Choice of beautiful “In room” ambiance themes
  • Chrome Cast support for BYOD content
  • Centralised management and control
  • Simplicity of use, ease of setup and install
  • Revenue from in room entertainment.
  • A branded solution in your livery, new build or retrofit


your guests will be able to interact with the intuitive RoomStar on screen interface to select their favorite television program from a consolidated channel guide or perhaps view a movie from the iVOD library.


opens internet-enabled entertainment options such as YouTube and Google search to offer wider internet access as well as local travel, weather, games and attraction apps that link onto relevant products or services.


Guests can also interact with in hotel service offerings such as in room concierge messaging, room service menus, spa bookings and on-screen billing as well as exploring all the resort facilities in the on-line compendium.


RoomStar offers Chrome Cast support to re-cast from phone or tablet for viewing to the room screen. Or, if your guests just want to relax and chill, there is a choice of beautiful ambiance themes to create a calming atmospheric room experience.


RoomStar is comprised of three distinct elements that are interconnected by a V-LAN and work together as a single, unified platform; RoomStar Cloud, RoomStar Gateway, and RoomStar Media Player.

RoomStar Cloud provides a centralized resource which supports EPG services, channel line-up maps, site specific configuration data with branding as well as individual room information, playlists and tags.  It also enables integrators and administrators to create and manage their lodging projects by client and site and provide software updates and refreshes.

RoomStar Gateway is an on-premise server appliance which provides OTT TV and On Demand entertainment services, supports the PMS Apps and interfaces to the site PMS system as well as providing local control and real time administration of site-specific content.

RoomStar Media Players are directly connected to the room TV display and enable and manage the display of content onto the screen.  Specific content selection is via an intuitive user interface manipulated by the guest using an IR / wireless hand held remote with both standard TV and alpha-numeric keyboard and mouse wand capability.

This interface enables the selection of RF channels and IPTV streams received via the hotel’s existing RF coaxial and / or IP networks, access to hotel amenities such as the resort compendium and booking services accessing hotel amenities, online Apps such as Facebook, Google and the internet as well as easy BYOD integration with tablets, smartphones, and laptops, for screen sharing.