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Racks & Accessories / MediaStar Multi slot 3RU Chassis with Integral Power Supply (Models 770 and 770-DR)

MediaStar Multi slot 3RU Chassis with Integral Power Supply (Models 770 and 770-DR)

The 770 and 770-DR are 19" 3RU chassis enclosures with integral Power Supply Units (PSU) to power and house any combination of MediaStar 'blade' based processor modules.

MediaStar Multi slot 3RU Chassis with Integral Power Supply (Models 770 and 770-DR)

Key Features

  • Compact - occupies only 3 RU of cabinet space
  • Both single PSU and dual redundant "hot swap" PSU options available
  • Provides power and ventilation for all MediaStar blade products
  • Integral PSU with LED ventilation fan warning and power rail status indicators
  • Signals operational status to MediaStar Media Manager or SNMP system


(770) - MediaStar 9 slot 3RU Chassis with single PSU
(770-DR) - MediaStar 8 slot 3RU Chassis with Dual Redundant PSU
(771-RP) - MediaStar Replacement PSU for 770 Rack Chassis
(726) - MediaStar Replacement PSU for Dual Redundant 770-DR Rack Chassis
(770-DR-UG) - MediaStar 770 Single to 770-DR Dual Redundant PSU upgrade Kit


  • Depending upon order: Rack Chassis Fitted  with 771 PSU (Model 770) or 726 PSU (Model 770-DR)
  • AC Mains Power Cables(s)
  • Rack mounting screw set.
  • Spare PSU units are available (Model 771-RP and 726-RP) Dual redundant upgrade kit (Model 770-RP-UG)

Power input:

  • 3 pin IEC Male(s), 100-240V AC, 2.2A to 1.0A, 47 to 63 Hz
  • ​AC power feeds for 770-DR racks should be independent and on the same phase for full redundant operation

Chassis Power Dissipation (both 770 & 770-DR):

  • 130 Watts (Typical)
  • 200 Watts (Maximum)

LNB Power:

  • ​3.0A (maximum draw for all blades installed in a 770 or 770-DR Rack Chassis)
  • Typical draw 450mA per DVB-S2 Blade


  • 3.60Kg (770 Rack Chassis and & 771 PSU)
  • 0.75Kg (771-RP PSU only)
  • 4.10Kg (771-DR Rack Chassis & 726 PSU)
  • 0.60Kg (726-RP PSU only)
  • 1.36Kg (770-DR-UG PSU and assembly only)
  • 8.30Kg with full compliment of processor modules (Typical)


  • W 48.2 H 11.5 D 21.4cm; W 19 H 4.5 D 8.5" 3RU 19" Rack Mount. (770 & 770-DR Rack Chassis & PSU)​
  • W 6.20 H 13.0 D 21.0cm; W 2.5 H 5.2 D 8.3" (771-RP PSU only)
  • W 10.2 H 6.50 D 19.2cm; W 4.0 H 2.6 D 7.6" (726-RP PSU only)
  • W 10.0 H 10.0 D 20.5cm; W 4.0 H 4.0 D 8.2" (770-RP-UG PSU and assembly sleeve only)​


  • FCC, CE, UKCA, RCM, TUV, CB and UL


MediaStar Multi slot 3RU Chassis with Integral Power Supply (Models 770 and 770-DR)

The MediaStar 770 and 770DR rack chassis are designed to house and power the range of MediaStar “blade” based products. These include MediaStar Encoders, LAN-Casters, Re-Casters and Multi-Mux units (which are supplied separately to the rack enclosure).

Model 770 is fitted with a single power supply unit and can support up to nine blades. Model 770-DR is delivered with a full “hot swap” dual redundant power supply capability and can support up to eight blades. The PSUs provide both DC power for each of the processor blades and forced air cooling to the whole rack enclosure.

Three LED indicators show the status of the LV rails and cooling fan operation and will signal status to the Media Manager management software (model 467) and optionally a corporate SNMP monitoring system. Both models occupy 3Ru of rack space.

When processor blades are fitted into the rack, their RF and Video/Audio inputs are accessible from the rear side, and network and control interfaces are available on the face.  Blades may be “hot swapped” and will retain their current configurations. AC power to the rack is via IEC connector(s) on the rear.

Spare power supply units are available for both models as well as an upgrade kit to allow current field installed 770 single PSU models to be upgraded to dual redundant capability.