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Racks & Accessories / MediaStar Single Slot Appliance Chassis with Integral Power Supply (769)

MediaStar Single Slot Appliance Chassis with Integral Power Supply (769)

The 769 is a versatile dual purpose chassis enclosure with an integral Power Supply Unit (PSU). It can be used as a “stand alone” appliance or with an optional rack mounting kit, in a 19” 1RU

MediaStar Single Slot Appliance Chassis with Integral Power Supply (769)

Key Features

  • Compact, supports a single MediaStar “blade” processor module
  • Can be used as either a standalone appliance or for rack mounted operation
  • 1RU 19” rack mount options available for single or dual module deployment
  • Signals operational status to MediaStar Media Manager or an SNMP system
  • Convenient front panel access to enable easy maintainance of PSU.


(769) - MediaStar Single Slot Appliance Chassis with integral Power Supply Unit
(768) - MediaStar 769 Chassis Replacement PSU
(769-RMK-S) - MediaStar 1RU 19" Rack Mount Kit for one 769 Chassis Unit
(769-RMK-D) - MediaStar 1RU 19" Rack Mount Kit for two 769 Chassis Units


In the Box:

  • 769  Rack Chassis fitted with 768 PSU
  • AC Mains power cable

Additional Order Options:

  • 769-RMK-S:  2 x 1RU Long rack mounting brackets; 6 x M3 Countersunk screws; Rack mounting screw set.
  • 769-RMK-D:  4 x 1RU Short rack mounting brackets; 12 x M3 Countersunk screws;  2 x Rack mounting screw sets; Rack mount joining plate;

Power input:

  • 3 pin IEC Male, 100-240V AC, 0.3A to 0.15A, 47 to 63 Hz​

Chassis Power Dissipation

  • 25 Watt

LNB Power:

  • 450mA LNB power drain from DVB-S2 blade


  • 1.40Kg (769  Chassis and & PSU)
  • 0.75Kg (768-RP PSU only)
  • 1.90Kg (769  Chassis and & PSU with "blade" processor module fitted (Typical))
  • 0.16Kg (769-RMK-S, rack mount kit for one 769 unit)
  • 0.17Kg (769-RMK-D, rack mount kit for two 769 units)


  • W 19.6  H 4.4  D 22.7cm;     W 7.1  H 1.7  D 9.0"  (769 Chassis & PSU)​
  • W 6.20  H 13.0  D 21.0cm;     W 2.5  H 5.2  D 8.3" (768-RP PSU only)​


  • Operating temperature 0 - 40°C; 32 - 104°F 


  • FCC, CE, UKCA, RCM, TUV, CB and UL


MediaStar Single Slot Appliance Chassis with Integral Power Supply (769)

Modules supported include MediaStar Encoders, LAN-Casters, Re-Casters and Multi-Mux units which are supplied separately to the rack enclosure.

The rack is fitted with a single power supply unit (part no. 768). This converts the AC mains input voltage to low voltage DC power for the processor module and a thermostatically controlled fan for cooling the rack and installed "blade".

Both output power rails and fan are monitored, and if any problems are detected, the power supply will alert the installed processor module, which will show a warning on its front panel and send a IP warning message to the Media Manager administration system and optionally a corporate SNMP monitoring system.

When a processor module is fitted into the rack, its RF and Video/Audio inputs are accessible from the rear side, and network and control interfaces are available on the face. AC mains input to the rack is via an IEC connector on the rear.

When used in conjunction with the single or dual module 1RU rack mount kits (parts 769-RMK-S or D) the chassis can be mounted into a standard 19” rack mount cabinet.

Spare power supply units are available (part 768-RP).