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Products / MediaStar MultiStream Transcoder (700-482)

MediaStar MultiStream Transcoder (700-482)

The MediaStar 700-482 MultiStream Transcoder unit receives incoming IP streams and provides video and audio format transcoding and downscaling across multiple live IPTV streams to enable their controlled re-transmission on to an IP network

MediaStar MultiStream Transcoder (700-482)

Key Features

  • Transcodes multiple live MPEG2 and H264 IPTV streams to reduced bit rates
  • Allows dynamic downscaling of resolutions and frame rates from 1080p to 480p
  • Can convert from interlaced scan to progressive scan per stream
  • Can convert Multicast streams to Unicast and vice versa
  • Management with Web GUI or MediaStar MediaManager software
  • Compact stand-alone appliance in BTX chassis format


(700-482) - MediaStar IP Multi-Stream Transcoder Appliance Unit


  • 700-482 Transcoder appliance unit with pre-installed transcoder software
  • External AC to  DC PSU module
  • AC power cord

Stream Input Formats

  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) transmitted as a UDP V2/V3 IGMP Multicast or Unicast network stream
  • MPEG2, H264, video formats SD to HD resolutions
  • MPEG1 part II, AAC, Dolby audio formats

Output Encoding and Resolutions

  • Simultaneous transcode  maximum 3 to 6 channels, subject to outgoing video encoding format (3 channels 1080p30 H264 or 6 channels H264 480p30 typical)
  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS) transmitted as a UDP V2/V3 IGMP Multicast or Unicast network stream
  • H264 video encoding, 480p to 1080p60 resolution
  • AAC Audio encoding 32 - 384 Kbps, Dolby digital data pass-through
  • VBR encoding (500 Kbps to 25 Mbps)  with maximum  bit rate control per channel


  • Single 100/1000 Base-T 802.3 Auto MDIX LAN Interface
  • DHCP or Static IP addressing

Platform 700-482

  • Linux OS, LTS Kernel
  • Intel i5
  • 2x USB 2 Ports. 4x USB 3 Ports
  • 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD hard drive
  • Power: 65W, 110 - 240VAC Adaptor
  • Temperature: 0 - 40 C, Non-condensing
  • Weight  1.7Kg
  • Dimensions: 36 x 183 x 183mm BTX appliance chassis
  • Approvals: UL, CE, FCC
  • Web page interface for easy system configuration
  • Can operate stand-alone or integrated with Media Manager system Administration software
  • SNMP Traps for alert conditions (incoming stream errors or stream not present)


MediaStar MultiStream Transcoder (700-482)

The transcoder acts as a reliable and secure interface between disparate incoming IP streams, often derived from multiple sources and with differing transmission standards. The units modify them, apply system controls and then restream them onto your network to conform to a predetermined corporate network policy or specific site specification.

Stream parameters which can be controlled and modified include re-encoding the incoming video and audio streams to H264. Additionally, individual stream video image resolutions can be downscaled from 1080p to 480p to suit display requirements and if in an interlaced format, converted to progressive scan. Outgoing streams can also be converted from Multicast to Unicast format and vice versa to suit ongoing re-transmission requirements.

Simultaneous transcode capacity per unit is typically between 3 to 6 channels dependent upon outgoing video encoding formats and the resolutions selected (See specifications).
The units are typically deployed with MediaStar LAN-Casters, where the source bandwidth and format is determined by the broadcaster and are particularly effective in reducing the bandwidth of DVB and ATSC transmissions as well as converting MPEG2 to the more efficient H264 format.

The management and initial configuration of the unit and each transcoder channel is easily performed via the built-in web server with its intuitive UI. Alternatively, multiple units within a system can be networked under the control of the MediaStar Media Manager software (Part 462). making the 700-482 transcoders ideally suited for both large scale distributed applications or simple single unit deployments.