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Products / MediaStar Multi Format Input MPEG2 H264 HLS Encoder for Media Distribution over IP (778)

MediaStar Multi Format Input MPEG2 H264 HLS Encoder for Media Distribution over IP (778)

The MediaStar 778 MPEG/H264/HLS Encoder is a powerful and ultra reliable, solid state "out of the box" solution for all encoding needs and when used in conjunction with the MediaStar DVB-T and DVB-S LAN-casters, will meet your entire IP Television Headend, Digital Signage and Digital Media encoding and IP distribution requirements.

MediaStar Multi Format Input MPEG2 H264 HLS Encoder for Media Distribution over IP (778)

Key Features

  • Supports both SD & HD MPEG encoding
  • Compatible with virtually all video input interfaces and resolutions
  • Auto configuration with MediaStar Media Manager Software
  • Compact, Up to 9 Units in 3RU
  • Output resolutions up to 1080i50/60 1080p25/30
  • Compatible with standard viewers/
  • QUICK TIMEĀ© & HLS clients
  • Easy software upgrade path; SD to HD, HD to HLS operation
  • Low power consumption (18W)


(778-S-SD) - Now replaced by enhanced new model 798
(778-S-720p) - Now replaced by enhanced new model 798
(778-S-HD) - Now replaced by enhanced new model 798


  • 778 Encoder Blade
  • RJ45 patch lead
  • HDMI to HDMI lead
  • RGB to RGB
  • Triple phono lead
  • 2.5mm stereo jack to 2 x phono plug lead
  • SVGA male to male

Video Inputs

  • HDMI 1.3 Digital - Resolutions: All YPbPr/RGB (SoG) and VGA resolutions listed below
  • YPbPr/RGB (SoG), via phono connectors - Resolutions 480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p50, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i60,1080p25, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p60
  • VGA, via female HD-15 connector - Resolutions: 640x480@60Hz, 800x600@60, 1024x768@60, 1280x720@60, 1280x800@60, 1280x1024@60, 1366x768@60, 1440x900@60, 1600x1200@60, 1680x1050@60, 1920x1080@60, 1920x1200@60(RB)
  • S-Video: via 2 x phono connector
  • CVBS: via 1 x phono connector, PAL/NTSC

Audio inputs

  • HDMI socket, PCM digital stereo audio
  • 3.5mm jack socket, analogue stereo audio, 2.2V pk-pk into 10k Ohms


  • RJ45 802.3 10/100/1000 Base-T Auto MDIX
  • Static or DHCP IP Address
  • DSCP stream tagging for QoS

Network Protocols


USB Comms

  • USB 2.0, type A: Host port for software upgrades
  • USB 1.1, type B: Serial Comms for external configuration and/or control

RS232 Port

  • Rx, Tx, CTS, RTS up to 115,200 Baud Configured for SIPI external configuration/control or IP to RS232 bidirectional pass through for external device control

Infra-Red Blasters

  • 2 separate outputs supporting Sky, Sky+, SkyHD IR formats with web page or IP command remote activation.
  • Remote IP command generates any IR remote control keypress
  • 30 - 56 KHz modulated IR waveforms supported

Unit Configuration

  • Via On board web server using laptop or tablet
  • Via front panel buttons and LCD status display
  • Remotely using MediaStar Media Manager software

Control Interface

  • RS232, USB 1.1 serial interface
  • Telnet for third part connectivity via TCP control such as touch panel interfaces

External IP Control Interface

  • ASCII Command/configuration via IP interface
  • USB comms and RS232 comms interfaces


  • Enablement codes to upgrade models from SD to HD, SD to HD & HLS (in situ, all with no hardware change required)


  • Fully upgradable ONLY with protected Cabletime software from an HTTP server or by front panel USB Key

SAP Announcements

  • SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) notification of IP streams

Temperature Monitoring

  • Unit operating temperature available remotely via web interface

Event and Status Monitoring

  • Key operating functions reported via SNMP or Syslog traps sent to third party SNMP manager (MIB available on request)
  • Automatic e-mail of Event log files via external SMTP server
  • Front panel LED unit status indicators


  • 18W (from 770 rack)


  • 0.500Kg (17.5oz)


  • W41 x D225 x H129mm (W1.6" x D8.8" x H5.1"), occupies 1 (of 9) 770 rack slot


  • 0º - 40ºC (32 - 104 ºF) 770 rack ambient


  • FCC, CE, CB, TUV Approved


MediaStar Multi Format Input MPEG2 H264 HLS Encoder for Media Distribution over IP (778)

The MediaStar 778 encoder streams live video and audio feeds from cameras, set top boxes and DVD players to distribute news, sport and entertainment directly onto your IP network and is a 'hot swappable' blade that easily fits into a MediaStar Powered Chassis (Model 770) or single unit appliance case (Model 769)..

Its unique multi format input circuitry allows users to input content in a wide variety of video and PC formats, HDMI; YPbPr; S-Video and CVBS as well as RGBHV. In addition the 778 has an onboard scaling engine, providing the ability to transcode SD TV inputs to HD resolutions.

Each unit can encode an incoming digital or analogue video to an H264 or MPEG2 format at either HD or SD resolution and stream it over an IP network to any PCs using the MediaStar Media Portal (Model 470) or video screens equipped with MediaStar Digital Media Decoder (Model 780 or 782). In addition, in HLS mode it can stream to a MediaStar Live Streaming Server (HLS) Model 469) to serve iOS or Android laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Initial configuration and stream setup using a laptop or tablet can be via the built in web server with its advanced web UI or by simply using the front panel buttons and LCD status display.
Alternatively, multiple units within a system can be networked under the control of the MediaStar Media Manager software (Model 462).

Front panel RS232 and USB Comms connectors allow local connectivity and can also be utilised to pass IP command signals generated by remotely located Touch Screens and management systems, for control of headend located RS232 devices.

Twin Infra red blasters support IR Routing. This enables IR commands from III party RCUs to be passed back from any display screen equipped with a MediaStar Media Decoder (Model 780 or 782) to the 778 for the control of other headend located IR devices.

A unique SD to HD, HD to HLS software upgrade option enables cost effective SD system implementation with future proofed full HD or HLS capability ensured, all with no hardware change.

This coupled with maintenance free operation, small physical size and low power consumption make the 778 ideally suited for both large scale distributed applications or simple single unit deployments. Please see model options below.