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MediaStar Cloud Gateway (792)

The MediaStar Cloud Gateway provides an IP interface between your on-premise MediaStar hardware and a cloud based Media Manager server.  

MediaStar Cloud Gateway (792)

Key Features

  • Provides a single-point communications link between MediaStar hardware and an off-premise Media Manager server
  • Simple 792 blade installation and configuration
  • Using a MediaStar cloud server and 792 means minimal software installation on site, facilitating a quick, trouble-free MediaStar system installation.
  • Cloud based administration provides the ability for our support team to quickly remotely assist with system maintenance, upgrades and system configuration changes.
  • High availability, off premise cloud-based PC with upgradeable storage and CPU capacity.
  • No on-premise Media Manager server maintenance or support costs.
  • Single LAN/WAN communications link that can be easily configured and monitored by IT teams.
  • 792 Cloud gateway implemented on a reliable and secure linux based ‘blade’ processor.
  • No loss of MediaStar instant change functionality when used with 792 Cloud gateway.


(792) - MediaStar Cloud Gateway


  • 792 Cloud Gateway blade
  • RJ45 patch lead (2m)


  • IP communications to and from all varieties of MediaStar hardware residing on the corporate LAN.


  • Secure IP communications to a dedicated cloud hosted Media Manager server.

LAN and Network Protocols:

  • RJ45 802.3 100/1000 Base-T Auto MDIX. Static or DHCP IP Address.
  • Protocols: UDP, TCP, ARP, DHCP, ICMP, IGMP V2/V3, NTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SNMP, SMTP

USB Port:

  • USB 3.0 host port for keyboard and mouse. Software upgrade via memory stick with ONLY protected MediaStar software.

RS-232 Port for 3rd Party Control Interface:

  • Rx, Tx, CTS, RTS up to 11,5200 Baud. SIPI external configuration/control OR IP to RS-232 bidirectional pass through for external device control


  • Fully integrated with Media Manager software
  • Local status monitoring and IP setup from front panel buttons and LCD display
  • On board web server and web page menus for use with remote computer browser
  • Rear panel HDMI port for monitoring unit status page. Unit front and rear panel 'locator' LED function to easily identify a single unit within a rack

Event Monitoring:

  • Internal operating temperature available remotely via web interface
  • Key operational warnings reported via SNMP traps sent to third party SNMP manager (MIB available on request)
  • Automatic e-mail of event log files via external SMTP server

Power Dissipation & ​Environmental:

  • 17 W (from MediaStar rack chassis).
  • Operating temperature;  0° - 40°C; 32° - 104°F (housing ambient)

Weight and Dimensions:

  • 0.5Kg;  1.3 Lbs (792 Blade only) W 4.1  H 12.9  D 22.5cm;  W I.6  H 5.0  D 8.6"
  • Occupies 1 slot of a MediaStar rack / appliance housing


  • FCC, CE, UKCA, RCM, TUV, CB and UL approved as part of the MediaStar 770 or 769 rack chassis


MediaStar Cloud Gateway (792)

The MediaStar Cloud Gateway provides an IP interface between your on-premise MediaStar hardware and a cloud based Media Manager server.  

Media Manager software is used to configure and monitor your MediaStar system.  This runs on a Media Manager server which has typically been a PC connected to the LAN where the MediaStar system hardware resides.  MediaStar are now offering customers the option of running their Media Manager software on a cloud hosted PC, rather than having to have a physical server on site.

Customers will be provided with ‘ready-to-run’ Media Manager software hosted on our cloud servers.  MediaStar system administrators will have a client application loaded onto their PCs which will provide a direct link to the cloud hosted administration software so they can configure and monitor their MediaStar system.  The cloud hosted Media Manager software will communicate with the on-premise MediaStar hardware on your local LAN using the 792 Cloud gateway device.  

The 792 ‘blade’ will be installed in a MediaStar 770 multi-blade rack or in a 769 single blade chassis.  This single device will be given internet access to talk to the cloud-based Media Manager server, with a single, always-on connection.  The 792 device handshakes with the remote Media Manager server to ensure it has established a secure encrypted link to the correct server only.  All on-premise MediaStar hardware will then communicate with the cloud server through the 792 Cloud Gateway.  When Media Manager wants to communicate with the on-premise hardware, it will talk to the device using this always on-connection, so the system retains the ability to do immediate changes initiated by Media Manager system administrators.

A pair of 792 Cloud gateway blades can also be used to facilitate a control link between multi-site MediaStar systems where there is no transparent VPN link for device communications.