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Why commissioning is so important to the success of an IPTV deployment

Latest News / Why commissioning is so important to the success of an IPTV deployment

Any customer who has used an IPTV or digital signage system will know the importance of having it configured to suit their business objectives.  

It doesn’t matter if they are planning to stream live broadcasts, expand their signage footprint, insert web feeds or deliver training across a network of different locations, it is a significant undertaking to implement a system of this kind and the technical complexity can seem daunting. 

The challenge is not about project size or geography, but about ensuring that business goals are met and budgets are respected. This means paying attention to specifying the right equipment from the start and ensuring the commissioning, installation, upgrading, monitoring and maintenance is of the highest quality.

Vendors are not always best positioned to deliver all these services. Indeed we rely heavily on our systems integrator partners to recommend our solutions and physically install them. Then, if required, we will take the next step. We ensure they are fully trained and up to date on the latest features and benefits of our products and it is their skills we rely on to ensure customers have the system they need.

Any manufacturer of IPTV solutions, however, will understand that the very best performance of that system can be enhanced by expert commissioning and configuration and that is where our support engineers fit in. After all, we know our own systems best.

They deal with the intricacies, setting up our media management software for customers and configuring it so that the right users have the right access at the right time. They organise the incoming live media sources and manage the set top configuration, and they work with the customer to define groups of endpoints or to identify users who will share common media on our portal page. This level of care extends to establishing security profiles and configuring local administrators. 

Not all commissioning projects run smoothly, but the experience of our engineers means they have a lot of expertise to fall back on. They will work alongside our customers’ IT and AV teams to solve networking problems or issues that arise with other connecting technology, and while most configurations are completed within a day, they stay until the job is done. 

Commissioning can be overlooked when a system is being specified, but if companies want to fully optimise the equipment they are investing in, and achieve a fast ROI, it is an essential element in the early stages of an integration. Successful configuration also means that less support will be required at a later point.

What this service does is to ensure that the software and hardware that have been selected are properly integrated into a comprehensive and fully managed IPTV, streaming and digital signage system in which customers can be confident long into the future.

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