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MediaStar Systems Delivers Urgent Free-To-Air TV Channel for World Leading Sports Brand

Latest News / MediaStar Systems Delivers Urgent Free-To-Air TV Channel for World Leading Sports Brand

One of the world’s most prominent sports brands has been able to continue streaming video consistently across its corporate headquarters in New York thanks to the intervention of MediaStar Systems. The brand, which was waiting for a bulk video feed system to be installed would have faced a four-month delay, but after MediaStar Systems installed a free-to-air antenna combined with the MediaStar LAN-Caster Gateway (795) it was able to meet its tight ‘go live’ timeline.

The sports brand was already in discussion with MediaStar Systems and had specified the installation of Spectrum’s Fiber Connect Plus feed. The MediaStar LAN-Caster Gateway solution was specified to interoperate with the Fiber Connect Plus feed and securely stream 30 TV channels over the corporate network. The free-to-air antenna was a simple, but effective and temporary means of ensuring all free network channels could be distributed across the building. Once the Spectrum feed was installed, the LAN-Caster Gateway was connected.

The brand is using its new IPTV distribution technology, which also includes a number of MediaStar Media Players, to stream to a combination of conference rooms, showrooms and in its basketball arena. In total around 30 different locations are receiving live content from 30 different channels.

“This was a situation in which knowing the right combination of products and technologies to work with each other, was absolutely essential,” commented Tim Sullivan, North East Regional Sales Manager at MediaStar Systems. “The customer faced a long time without access to free-to-air channels, and this was not acceptable, but a straightforward solution combined with the power of our LAN-Caster Gateway came to the rescue. All parties were happy.”

The MediaStar LAN-Caster streams live Digital Terrestrial or CATV transmissions such as news, sport and entertainment directly onto a company’s IP network and is a 'hot swappable' blade that easily fits into a MediaStar Powered Chassis or single unit appliance case. When it is connected to an ATSC ‘off air’ antenna or a QAM CATV signal the unit can stream numerous TV and radio channels extracted from up to five RF multiplexes to any PC or Mac using the MediaStar Media Portal or to video screens equipped with MediaStar Media Players.

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution and digital signage products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, audio, training and digital signage.