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MediaStar Systems announces ‘SRT-Ready’ MediaStar IP Re-Caster

Latest News / MediaStar Systems announces ‘SRT-Ready’ MediaStar IP Re-Caster
Gateway product now supporting SRT Alliance implementations

MediaStar Systems, developer of the MediaStar range of IPTV, video streaming and digital signage solutions, has announced that its MediaStar IP Re-Caster Gateway solution, which enables IPTV distribution across a WAN or non-multicast supported network, has been declared as ‘SRT Ready’.

The SRT Alliance is an open source initiative, dedicated to developing Secure Reliable Transport of high quality, low latency video streaming over the Internet.

To become ‘SRT Ready’, the MediaStar IP Re-Caster had to meet criteria that would ensure it could optimise streaming performance across unreliable and unpredictable networks without compromising on security and firewall integrity.

The enhanced product, initially launched earlier this year, provides a better and more efficient way to distribute live IP video streams between multiple remote sites. It can use a quality controlled and secure VPN, or encrypt the stream and pass it across the Internet.

It is a ‘hot swappable’ blade-based processor module intended for use in a MediaStar powered rack chassis alongside other MediaStar LAN-Casters and Encoder products.

Approval from the SRT Alliance is important to Cabletime, which joined the initiative in July to help it expand the streaming media ecosystem and support the collaborative development of SRT to overcome the many challenges associated with low latency streaming.

Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar Systems, said: “We are delighted that the IP Re-Caster is now ‘SRT Ready’ because it provides customers with the reassurance that they can expect a high quality, reliable performance when they are streaming video content. SRT is becoming recognised across the industry as the de-facto standard for secure low latency Internet streaming, and we are proud to be a part of the SRT Alliance.”

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, training and digital signage.