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Why the SRT Alliance is essential for first-class streaming experiences

Latest News / Why the SRT Alliance is essential for first-class streaming experiences

We recently joined the SRT Alliance which is an open source initiative that is focused on enabling the development of the SRT protocol to the point that it can be instrumental in overcoming the challenges of low latency streaming.

Why is this important? The delivery of highly reliable streaming experiences can be transformative for companies, and they have every right to expect point-to-point video links that they can depend on. However, despite all the advances in streaming across the Internet, international companies still have to deal with the negative impact of packet loss, bandwidth limitations and segment-based protocols.

What the SRT Alliance promotes is a defacto standard for low latency Internet streaming that does not involve the provisioning of high-cost reserved links. The open source implementation of SRT functionality provides secure, reliable low latency video transport with packet loss recovery, end-to-end security with AES encryption, network health monitoring between endpoints, and simplified firewall traversal. In addition, manufacturers can enable SRT functionality over any network, including the cost-effective public internet.

SRT leverages a combination of broad video ecosystem components and technology advantages to help companies keep their streams secure and easily traverse firewalls.

All of the companies who have joined the SRT Alliance as members are committed to supporting the SRT transport protocol, including ourselves. We are in the business of enabling video streaming, and our key priority is to ensure that our solutions can dovetail with other technologies to deliver memorable experiences, regardless of the unpredictable nature of the Internet.

The Alliance is busy promoting industry-wide recognition and adoption of SRT as a common standard, and by joining the movement, we hope we are demonstrating the importance we attach to it for the future of our industry. We will also shortly be releasing products that support the SRT protocol.

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