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Secure the best AV solutions now from your federal government budget

Latest News / Secure the best AV solutions now from your federal government budget

At this time every year, U.S. federal, local and state government agencies start scrambling to place orders for everything they need before the fiscal year runs out on September 30th. It’s important to earmark and spend the available budget now, but equally crucial to ensure it is spent on solutions that have a proven track-record regardless of whether they are destined for government or military projects. 

When it comes to digital signage, streaming and IPTV, a great deal rests on these decisions. The kit might be to serve a strategic command centre, enable video conferencing for training purposes, assist with court of law management, or to distribute live TV at military bases, so it needs to be secure, high quality and reliable. 

But there is another consideration that government buyers and prime contractors must take into consideration when they are deciding what solutions to buy this September, and that is compliance. 

Just like corporations, government agencies must ensure that the AV equipment they specify is HDCP Professional compliant. This means that the digital content they display, or stream, is secure and the connection between the source and the display, and, in fact, the entire signal path is encrypted.

We have been serving the needs of government departments for many years, and work closely with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) to amplify the quality and suitability of our solutions. Because GSA promotes best practices and efficient government operations, the products and services that it includes on its roster must meet high performance evaluations. For us, holding a GSA contract and being part of the network of suppliers is not just about accessing contract opportunities, but about maintaining our standards across multiple criteria year after year. 

With minds turned to their digital media needs for the year ahead, we have several newly launched products that will be sure to be of interest. Following our recent partnership with Appspace, for example, federal agencies can now access functions including digital signage, video, messaging, wayfinding, room-bookings and data from the Appspace platform if they are already users of, or have ordered, a 782 Media Player. 

A new Media Portal (4.0) gives government users easy access to the assets held in a MediaStar system and can support play-out of unencrypted streamed content while decrypting AES and HDCP Professional streams directly from MediaStar encoders. And we have also introduced the MediaStar 782-LT Media Player which will suit agencies looking for all the essential features for 4K IPTV, multi-zone digital signage and digital media delivery but at a lower price point.

Media Manager, which many of our government customers use to control their content has also recently been enhanced with an Analytics Module. This provides insight into how and where content has been used across an IPTV or streaming environment, enhances diagnostics and delivers ‘proof of play’.

The key to securing these new solutions, and multiple other products is to order early. We have a variety of payment options and favourable terms for GSA customers so get in touch to find out more before the 30th September deadline falls.