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Raft of new products launched at ISE 2020

Latest News / Raft of new products launched at ISE 2020

Along with the announcement that we are changing our brand to MediaStar Systems, we also unveiled a multitude of exciting new features to our products at ISE 2020.

We launched an update to our popular content management system Media Manager - version 10.5. This includes multi-language support, custom translations, and support for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew and all Unicode character sets. In addition, users will benefit from an enterprise search capability for media assets, players and sources, H265 file support and HDCP 2.2 Pro stream support and identification. Media Manager 10.5 also now offers play-out logs and gathers play-out logs from signage players for proof-of-play, centralising the data which can be exported to 3rd party analysis tools.

Our MediaStar Encoders, including low latency encoders, now support and are compliant with, one-to-many HDCP 2.2 Pro stream protection, and we showed the all-new 4K encoder with 12G-SDI and HDMI inputs.

We have added enhancements to the 782-model Media Players including support for HDCP Pro and Pro-Idiom, and a new Chromium browser with support for protected live-streamed content with HDCP 2.2 Pro and Pro:Idiom. This enables secure end-to-end digital signage with legal and compliant streamed content. 3rd Party web-based signage systems, including Appspace, are also now supported and, uniquely, they can now be combined with secure streams within the signage playout. 

Popular on our booth were demonstrations of the way-finding suite of applications running on a 782 Media Player with a multi-touch interface, and, for our international customers, the ability to run Unicode tickers in multiple character sets with a left to right smooth scrolling as well as a right to left.

MediaStar Systems’ Media Portal has been enhanced to deliver even lower latency with support for H265 and secure content streams to the desktop using HDCP 2.2 Pro – this was another unmatched feature launched at ISE.

We have updated the MediaStar digital signage player, supporting multi-zone signage with secure, low latency media streams using HDCP 2.2 Pro and support for Appspace and other popular HTML based signage services.

Not to be outdone, the MediaStar range of Transcoders and Gateways now features the new IP Multi-Mux card 796, which routes live TV streams directly to the Multi-Mux ‘blade’ for analysing, channel selection and re-distribution onto a multicast network.  A G711 codec enables audio outputs to the transcoders, which is particularly important to financial and trading customers, for audio integration with their trading turrets.