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New Product Launches from MediaStar Systems

Latest News / New Product Launches from MediaStar Systems
It’s time to see our new IPTV and digital signage solutions up close

At what would have been the start of exhibition-season, we are giving our customers and partners an opportunity to see and experience our new solutions, find out how they can enhance their IPTV and digital signage environments, and enjoy a little one-to-one time with MediaStar.

A series of webinars, timed to ensure all geographies can join, will be taking place on Wednesday 20th October. The details are below, but these events will feature demos of the latest MediaStar products to be launched, and plenty of time for questions to be addressed by our team.


Media Portal 4.0 with support for HDCP Professional

Announced at the end of last month, the Media Portal 4.0 is the latest and most significant element in MediaStar’s HDCP Professional ecosystem. The Portal provides easy access to the media assets held in a MediaStar system, and now supports play-out of unencrypted streamed content while decrypting AES and HDCP Professional streams directly from MediaStar encoders. 

If you want the assurance of knowing you have a secure and encrypted connection across your entire signal path and that you remain in full compliance with HDCP Professional standards, the Media Portal 4.0 is the ideal solution.


Media Player 782 ‘lite’

An important addition to the 782 family, the MediaStar 782-LT is aimed at customers who want the essential features for 4K IPTV, multi-zone digital signage and digital media delivery but at a lower price point and it provides full support for HTML5.

The 782-LT decodes H265, H.264 and MPEG-2 network streams and plays locally stored video files from onboard memory, allowing a combination of live streamed network video/audio and file-based media to be displayed in any deployment.

It is ‘lite’, but still powerful and ultra-reliable, using hardware accelerated HTML5 rendering in full 4K UHD screen configuration to show diverse media within different dynamic zones. Customers can simultaneously display video, text feeds, tickers, clocks and web pages, as well as HTML web pages with video tags that also support HDCP Professional. It also has the added advantage of touch screen input options and screen control.


Media Manager with Analytics

The latest version of our content management system, Media Manager version 11, includes an Analytics Module. This gives users greater insight into how and where content is being used across their IPTV or streaming environment, to enhance diagnostics and deliver ‘proof of play’.

Now it’s easy to create and run charts that analyse and compare media usage on the network, and graphs can be configured that deliver dynamic running reports and an animated view of media playout and usage over time.  


To see and hear more about these new solutions, which answer the demands that companies are now making of their IPTV and signage products, register for our webinar on October 20th at: 


We are also offering one to one demos of any of our MediaStar solutions, so if you are unable to make the webinar, please contact us at sales@mediastarsystems.com to set a date and time.