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MediaStar Systems Boosts New Version of Media Manager with Analytics Module for Rapid Insight into Media Usage

Latest News / MediaStar Systems Boosts New Version of Media Manager with Analytics Module for Rapid Insight into Media Usage

MediaStar Systems, developer of the powerful MediaStar range of IPTV, streaming and digital signage solutions, has launched the latest iteration of its popular media management software, Media Manager, with the important addition of an Analytics Module.

Dynamic, Animated Reports

Media Manager with Analytics will allow users to gain a much greater understanding of how and where content is being used across their IPTV network or streaming environment, to enhance diagnostics and deliver ‘proof of play’.

The new MediaStar Media Manager Version 11 will make it easy to create and run charts that analyse and compare media usage on the network. A System Overview Report delivers a summary of the content being played on individual endpoints and enables users to adjust the timeframe so they can see when, and for how long, it was streamed, and how many times this was repeated.

The Analytics Module includes graphs that can be configured to a company’s own specific needs, providing them with dynamic running reports and an animated view of media playout and usage over time.  Groups of charts can be easily compiled into the Analytics Dashboard for review, and users can create shortcuts to store the charts they need to access most frequently.

Making Media Management Easier

Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar Systems, said: “As an enterprise video content management system, it is important that Media Manager not only aggregates everything from live broadcasts and locally encoded streams, through to HLS, iVOD and VOD content, but that it informs users about how, where and when that content is distributed. The addition of the Analytics Module, gives our CMS an extra edge, providing proof of play, essential for venues or locations where companies are paying for their ads or promotions to be displayed. They now have vital data and diagnostic reports, which, particularly for complex IPTV networks with multiple media and endpoints in play, can be easily digested and quickly acted upon.”

The Analytics Module allows data to be easily exported to PDF or Word format and information can also be published to HTML for use in MediaStar web-based applications. Where content is sensitive, there is an option to protect graphs so only authorised users can access it as part of Media Manager’s sub-admin security scheme. 

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