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MediaStar Systems Announces ANZ Distribution Partnership with Midwich

Latest News / MediaStar Systems Announces ANZ Distribution Partnership with Midwich

We have announced a new distribution agreement with Midwich Australia Pty Ltd, a leading, global distributor of audio visual solutions and unified communications and services to the trade market.

The agreement covers Australia and New Zealand and is the first partnership with MediaStar Systems for any business throughout Midwich Group Plc.

As bandwidth speeds increase, the capacity of a network to stream video has opened up the traditional digital signage market to wider creative application. Similarly, corporate users who might once have opted to distribute TV channels around a closed network now have the opportunity to add content traditionally associated with digital signage such as advertising, brand messages or logos as part of a multimedia mix. Public venues can add revenue streams by leveraging these services and offering them to advertisers as a means to connect with a large, captive audience. 

The MediaStar Systems suite of products manages, communicates and displays visual messages to the right people at the right time.

“With proper planning and the right business partner, IPTV/digital signage deployment can eliminate risk of failure and maximise return on investment for clients of AV consultants and systems integrators,” comments Michael Broadbent, Midwich APAC Managing Director. 

“MediaStar Systems has a proven track record with what is known as ‘place-based media’ and we look forward to growing our business together to help deliver targeted messaging throughout markets such as retail, hospitality, corporate, healthcare and public transportation, to name a few.”  

The MediaStar IPTV system takes legally subscribed, high value, or licensed video content and efficiently and simultaneously broadcasts it via a compressed, network-friendly multicast stream to multiple screens across an IP network using a comprehensive set of management tools.

“Continuing advances in technology, from greater bandwidth capacity to 4K screens, provide unprecedented access to sophisticated high quality video communications,” explains Shaun Oxenham, CEO, MediaStar Systems. 

“With its strong technical expertise and background in AV technology solutions, Midwich is the ideal partner to facilitate a properly integrated suite of software and hardware products for IPTV, streaming and signage systems that bring confidence and peace-of-mind to AV and IT teams.”

Midwich is now taking orders throughout Australia and New Zealand for MediaStar Systems solutions. To learn more visit www.midwich.com.au/mediastarsystems or enquire at sales@midwich.com.au