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MediaStar 782 Media Player Gets Significant Enhancements 

Latest News / MediaStar 782 Media Player Gets Significant Enhancements 
What are these enhancements?

Hot off the press is news that the MediaStar 4K IPTV and Media Player (782) has been enhanced to support HTML5, video tags support for streamed media, streamed media hardware acceleration within browser and associated web page cookie support and secure log-on. 

As if that weren’t enough, the media player is now supporting a raft of high-profile third-party applications. 

The MediaStar 782, one of the most popular systems in our range, supports HDCP and AES and in the US Pro-Idiom Decryption within a browser too.

Why are these enhancements important?

Collectively they indicate the substantive performance improvements that the 782 can offer users and provide a secure but agnostic HTML environment for 3rd party HTML signage and visual information applications.

Video tags enable a content creator to embed a media player supporting video playback within an HTML web page of other content. In HTML5 this allows the unit to display the content natively, so there’s not need for plug-in apps. 

Hardware acceleration will increase the speed of processing. Centralised cookie updating and secure log-ons mean Media Manager can be pre-programmed for secure access and to resolve persistent cookie interruptions. 

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