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Managing the return to the office, safely

Latest News / Managing the return to the office, safely

Since the government relaxed the rules to allow people to go back into the office, employers and employees have had more choice about where they work. After almost two years at home, some can’t wait to resume their daily commuting routine, others are opting for some time in the office, the rest at home. But what does this mean in terms of meeting and disseminating official safety guidelines?

On top of improving ventilation, increasing cleanliness and ensuring anyone testing positive for Covid stays at home, companies also need to ensure that their employees can work as safely as possible, and that they are kept informed.

Re-training employees

Many organisations have already used their digital signage solutions to update employees and visitors on how they can keep safe on the occasions when they have come to the office. However, these systems can also be used to deliver updated safety information, up-to-the-minute news and instant travel alerts throughout the working day.

After months’ of working from home, companies can use iVOD servers, for example, to run training and re-training videos to bring staff up to speed, and with a MediaStar system they are accessible through a portal page on their own device, so they can refresh themselves at home before they return to the office.

MediaStar iVOD servers also allow content to be available on any display in the office if it is supported by MediaStar Media Players. This means that small groups can meet for training sessions at scheduled times.

Eye-catching graphics

It is understandable that ‘guidance fatigue’ has set in by now, but with the right system, eye-catching safety graphics can be incorporated next to static safety rules, training videos and live TV streams.

For organisations with offices across the world, digital signage content needs to be translated and localised and our Media Manager solution can automate this process. It allows media assets to be accessed via a desktop shortcut, not just in the local language, but in the local dialect too, and will support delegated administrators wherever they happen to be located. This ensures that messaging is accurate and displayed with all the necessary branding.

Another useful feature in Media Manager is the software-based ‘Mobile Reference List’ which can be accessed from the safety of an administrator’s own phone, minimising the need to use frequently handled remote-control units. It will automatically align to every screen on the network through a unique QR code scanned to the mobile.

Minimising touch

Some of our customers are making use of automated controls within MediaStar playlists to ensure screens are automatically scheduled to turn on and off without the need to touch them. This also helps to conserve energy when a screen is not in use.

For due diligence, it will be important to keep track of where vital messages have been displayed, and where they still need to be seen. To keep on top of this, our customers are using ‘proof of play’ features in our solution. This allows them to ensure all employees are exposed to information, regardless of whether they are visiting the office every day, or just now and then.