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MediaStar Systems Presents New Updates to Customisable IPTV Streaming and Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2019

Latest News / MediaStar Systems Presents New Updates to Customisable IPTV Streaming and Digital Signage Solutions at ISE 2019

MediaStar Systems, developer of the powerful MediaStar range of IPTV and digital media distribution solutions will be displaying the very latest updates in its range of customisable IPTV and digital signage products at Integrated Systems Europe (5-8 February 2019, RAI, Amsterdam).

Heading up the roster of new solutions on Stand 10-P130 will be two MediaStar Transcoders, the 700-482 and 700-485, which process, regulate the stream rate and transcode multiple live video and audio IPTV streams to enable their controlled re-transmission onto an IP network. This allows each processed stream to meet specific network data rate limits or be modified to play out on other platforms.

Being shown for the first time are the new MediaStar 798 HDMI encoders and the 799 IP-casters, which deliver lower latency and re-casting across virtual private networks and the Internet to offices or other locations enabled with the two solutions. As well as meeting users’ IPTV headend, digital signage and digital media encoding and distribution needs, the MediaStar 798 encoder will also support HDCP Pro 2.2 content protection across an enterprise network. This will ensure that protected content can be played out onto HDCP-compliant devices.

MediaStar Systems will be showing the latest in its software updates for MediaStar Media Manager and Creator, for the creation and distribution of visual communications, signage and live streaming. Demonstrations of the new enhancements will be rolling on the stand throughout.

For the first time at ISE, MediaStar Systems will demonstrate RoomStar, its new live TV and TV-on-demand solution for the hotel and hospitality market. This comprehensive system combines a bespoke property management interface with a powerful content distribution functionality designed to meet the demands of the growing global hotel interactive TV market.

ISE2019 provides MediaStar Systems with the opportunity to discuss solutions which feature its end-to-end protected content capabilities. This includes the pro-idiom live stream and mobile stream support in the MediaStar 782 and 782DS media players and the LAN-casters. These are important additions for MediaStar, which is growing its customer base in the US where the corporate TV market is moving towards pro-idiom protected content and HDCP protected output.  The company will also focus on custom encryption end-to-end using AES 128bit solutions which will support any stream into the MediaStar LAN-caster or 798 Encoder and encrypt the stream for delivery to of the MediaStar hardware or software media players.

With a focus very much on standards, MediaStar will be showing its HDCP Pro encryption solution. This takes HDCP Pro encrypted content into the MediaStar 798 and streams it, fully protected, to the MediaStar 782 decoders. This is an emerging standard for end-to-end encryption of protected content over an IP network and means that users will be confident of meeting legal requirements when streaming protected content.

“The ability to offer encrypted, protected content and protected output is increasingly critical to corporate AV buyers, and our aim is to display the full gamut of our abilities to support this at ISE 2019,” said Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar Systems. “We will be discussing new solutions and those in the pipeline that put MediaStar ahead of the pack when it comes to emerging standards. We also have a wide range of fantastic upgrades and additions to our existing, popular range of transcoders, encoders, media players and software, all of which will be demonstrated on our stand.”

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution and digital signage products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, audio, training and digital signage.