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ISE 2017 provides the forum for MediaStar Systems to showcase new Interactive IPTV and Digital Signage enhancements

Latest News / ISE 2017 provides the forum for MediaStar Systems to showcase new Interactive IPTV and Digital Signage enhancements

The focus for MediaStar (booth 10-P116) at ISE 2017 will be on Interactive IPTV and Digital Signage, with the introduction of a host of new features and updates to the MediaStar Media Players, Decoders and Chassis products; plus inspirational demonstrations of the new content creation software, Creator, working seamlessly with the MediaStar Media Player.

To widen the application scope for MediaStar, MediaStar is introducing several significant hardware products. These include a new 1U rackmount chassis with either single or double blade capacity, each with its own power supply. In addition, there is now a stand-alone appliance chassis for customers requiring only one blade in a portable format and an optional dual redundant failover PSU for the MediaStar 9 slot 770 Chassis. This can be retrofitted for existing customers.

Other new hardware developments include an IP Re-Caster blade, which converts Multi-cast to Uni-cast and vice versa; and a new IP Multi Mux blade which enables content to be received in TS IP format rather than the more common Terrestrial or Sat Mux formats and then allows reassignment of selected IP streams onto an enterprise network.

The MediaStar 782 IPTV and Media Player and the Digital Media Decoder 780 are both now available with new remote controls, including wireless keyboards and mouse, one with an accelerometer permitting users to point and use as an interactive wand.

The Media Player will also be working hand in hand with MediaStar System’s brand new digital signage content creation software, Creator, and the tools that enable it to deliver rich HTML support, live IPTV streams and video playout. Visitors to the booth will be able to see interactive HTML pages that show off the full capability of the 782 Media Player, controlled using the new wand-style remote controls. Also being demonstrated on the MediaStar booth will be DCC (Dynamic Content Creation), which allows web clips and live RSS feeds to be inserted into the digital signage pages created in the new software.

Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar, said: “We have so many new features and benefits to our solutions this year that we fully expect the stand to be very busy with demonstrations throughout the four-day event. We are focused on Interactive IPTV and digital signage, but part of that will be how our system supports end-to-end 4K workflow. Customers and partners can be sure that they will really benefit from a visit to the MediaStar booth at ISE2017.”

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, training and digital signage.