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Indispensable digital signage for the return to work

Latest News / Indispensable digital signage for the return to work

Technology has played such an important role during the Covid-19 crisis, from enabling remote working with Zoom or Teams video calls and keeping us entertained via Netflix, through to enabling contactless payments in-store and supporting distance learning for millions of children worldwide.

For those of us who have had to venture out, digital signage technology that provides messaging or vital guidance in public places without requiring any physical intervention has become essential.

In the last few months, great uses of digital signage have included:

  • An eye-catching campaign run by Outsmart, the Out-of-Home trade association to pass on the UK’s thanks to NHS staff and other keyworkers, utilising billboards on roadsides and at retail locations with humorous but heartfelt messages of gratitude.
  • At a bar and restaurant In Finland recently which was able to reopen and manage social distancing by using a signage and camera solution that can monitor capacity and communicate with customers.  
  • In the US, where the safety of customers in retail, healthcare and public spaces has been improved with the use of new technology to replace mechanical push-button or touchscreen panels on vending machines. The user is able to select the product they want at a distance of up to two centimetres from the surface of the selection panel

The variety and flexibility of digital signage solutions will become even more important as we negotiate our way back into life post-Covid-19.

Smart signage that allows people to be counted, as the example above shows, will help not just bars and restaurants, but shops, entertainment and sports venues to gauge capacity. Facial recognition and biometric tools will be combined with cameras and screens to help with identification, and to monitor levels of social distancing and adherence to safety measures, such as the wearing of masks.

At a more fundamental level, the sharing of important health and safety messages and direct guidance has never been so important. As always, digital signage has a key role to play in disseminating information, and not just in public, but also within the workplace, to ensure content can be delivered to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

The ability to quickly design and schedule content to keep messaging current will be vital. Which is why it is so important to use digital signage tools that are straightforward to use, but deliver a wide range of functionality from intuitive drag and drop and easily adaptable templates through to the ability to manage content across multiple screen zones. Above all, it should be fully manageable from a distance, to ensure administrators can be safe.

Indispensable digital signage return to work mediastar

We want to support all organisations that are now having to make changes for the return to work. Whether that’s corporate organisations, retailers, stadiums, schools and universities, government departments or industrial plants, we recognise that they are looking for the best ways to curate, manage and display vital information.

To make this a little easier, we are running a special ‘Digital Signage Deal’ on our own MediaStar Digital Signage Players and offering three for the price of two. 

Our customers can purchase these powerful, ultra-reliable 4K multi-zone players as a standalone unit, or as part of an existing MediaStar solution. 

Find out how MediaStar Systems can support your needs...

We also recognise that putting digital signage solutions to good use requires help, so we are offering free support and guidance in managing a digital signage network and maximising your content to best effect. For more information about putting digital signage, and specifically MediaStar at the centre of your return-to-work strategy, please get in touch with us at sales@mediastarsystems.com