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Why government offices, public sector departments and institutions can put their trust in MediaStar

Latest News / Why government offices, public sector departments and institutions can put their trust in MediaStar

Now, more than ever, governments, the public sector and institutions are looking for the best returns on their investments in new technology. Audio visual and digital signage solutions have an increasingly important role to play in the digitalisation of 21st Century public service, but vendors and the technologies that are being selected are subject to intense scrutiny, and have to be fully accountable. 

Whether a government department needs a new IPTV system to distribute live video across multiple committee rooms; a university wants to stream lectures across campus; or a military base keep recruits up to date through dynamic digital signage, the enabling technology must be proven, reliable and flexible enough to meet all requirements. 

MediaStar Systems has over 35 years’ experience in matching our solutions to public sector and government demands. During that time, our IPTV, AVoIP, digital signage and streaming technology has been hard at work in locations as diverse as UK government offices in Whitehall through to US Army and Navy bases and numerous schools, colleges and universities.

Take a look at the work we are involved in at the US Institute of Peace in Washington DC, for example. This iconic building is home to the work of conflict amelioration, and we enable 300 workstations and multiple meeting rooms to receive live streamed news.

At the Blavatnik School of Government, part of Oxford University, a comprehensive and fully managed IPTV, streaming and signage system allows an almost unlimited number of channels to be distributed across all parts of the building and onto a vast number of displays, TVs, tablets and phones to suit undergraduates, visitors and staff. 

In the pursuit of excellence in the medical field, the Quadram Institute, part of the bioscience cluster at Norwich Research Park uses MediaStar to enable lectures from eminent surgeons and expert practitioners to be distributed live into lecture spaces, meeting rooms and public areas. 

We understand that security is paramount in this sector, and that all systems must be fully compliant, so we make this our priority. Our customers know that if they are streaming content using our solutions, they can be confident that it is legal and fully compliant. 

With budgets to be spent before the US Federal Government year-end on September 30th, and the UK government’s new deal for infrastructure projects is underway, now is the time to think about digital signage and IPTV solutions that have a proven track-record of success for government, military and public sector projects. We are here to help you. 

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