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Europe's Innovators of AV Tech Event on 3-4th November 2021

Europe’s Innovators of AV Tech 2021 event is taking place on the 3rd and 4th November at AFC Wimbledon’s new Stadium in Plough Lane, SW19.

By bringing together some of the leading names in the industry, Europe’s Innovators of AV Tech 2021 offers a hands-on event, showcasing the best in AV technology and the possible integration possibilities of a variety of innovative tech solutions.

Offering the finest in AV technologies, Europe’s Innovators of AV Tech 2021 aims to combine a wealth of technological possibilities to be utilised and delivered by companies both within the AV industry and to the wider public, as a means of improving and enhancing interactions, as well as establishing connections with technology and people, across a range of verticals.

  • Wednesday, 3rd November: 10am – 7pm, with a drinks event from 5pm.
  • Thursday, 4th November: 9am – 4pm 

If you would like to register, please use code MediaStarGuest when booking tickets here; https://bit.ly/3FDJfE0