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Enhancing the retail experience with video

Latest News / Enhancing the retail experience with video

Retailers understand that they are now regarded as shopping destinations where the promise of an experience keeps customers walking through the doors. Physical and high street retailers and shopping centres have competed long enough with the convenience of eCommerce to know that the more attractive their stores are, the longer customers shop with them, the more they spend, and the greater their loyalty. 

Whether a retailer has one outlet or an international chain, it is incumbent on them to do more than just sell products. Attractive store designs now include audio-visual as standard, delivering in-store entertainment, tailored messages, and eye-catching promotions to their customers. 

Uniguest’s MediaStar platform has the ability to distribute live video and recorded content to a single self-managed screen through to a centrally managed network of displays in multiple locations. The digital signage retail solutions are powered by Uniguest’s MediaStar Media Manager, which provides control over the entire media environment, allowing retailers to create and schedule content and deliver messaging for maximum impact. 

Media Manager uses a simple drag and click interface to set up parameters and playlists for each and every screen so content is always highly targeted, and it can be updated quickly so customers can be informed about everything from last minute special offers and promotions through to safety alerts.

One outlet that has taken advantage of this facility through Uniguest’s MediaStar platform is the US retail chain, Parkers Convenience Stores. Instead of using employees to travel around its 44 stores to update and upload content for the in-store displays, the company now manages the scheduling, acquisition and delivery of content across its network from one server at its central HQ, saving both time and the cost of travel.  

At well-known UK retail company Frasers Group, Uniguest’s MediaStar Platform is being used to create, manage and display signage that can keep employees up to date and informed behind the scenes of its stores. Uniguest’s MediaStar encoders, LAN-Caster Gateways and MediaStar players ensure streaming of live broadcasts and corporate video content is easy and quick to deploy. The organisation also benefits from the extensive reporting and analytics that Media Manager provides, allowing them to understand how the system is performing on the basis of location, time or content. 

Parkers and Frasers Group are among several retail organisations that have been able to take advantage of content control by using Uniguest’s MediaStar Media Manager software, and to expand their audio visual presence by installing our dedicated digital signage and IPTV solutions. One of the major benefits that retailers report is the reliability of the systems. The Media Players, for example, have been designed to run 24x7. They are solid-state which means they have no moving parts to break and they ensure that displays are always running. 

With the busiest time of the shopping calendar approaching and Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon, now is the time for retailers to focus on how best they can use audio visual to create a memorable in-store experience for customers. 

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