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MediaStar Systems shows backing for SRT Alliance

Latest News / MediaStar Systems shows backing for SRT Alliance

MediaStar Systems has joined the SRT Alliance, the open-source initiative that is dedicated to developing and adopting the SRT protocol that will allow high quality, low latency video streaming over the Internet. 

Announced at the 2017 NAB Show, the SRT Alliance has a goal of expanding the streaming media ecosystem and supporting the collaborative development of SRT to overcome the challenges of low latency streaming.  The SRT Alliance promotes the industry-wide recognition and adoption of SRT as the defacto standard for low latency internet streaming.

MediaStar Systems joins a roster of members from across a variety of vertical segments and geographies who are committed to supporting the SRT transport protocol in delivering highly reliable, low latency point-to-point video links for companies globally. 

“Streaming video is increasingly important in today’s business eco-system,” commented Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar Systems. “Customers have the right to expect a high quality, reliable standard that creates a memorable experience and we are fully in support of the SRT Alliance’s commitment to ensuring this happens.”