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Appspace helps us push content up the agenda

Latest News / Appspace helps us push content up the agenda

When it comes to keeping customers and employees engaged, great content is a vital asset. It informs, stimulates, and communicates and has the power to underpin a positive brand impression. From day-to-day workplace signage to 4K videos in the boardroom, the demand for technology that delivers memorable content experiences has never been so great.

It stands to reason that by combining a best of breed media player, such as our 782, with an all-in-one platform specifically designed to support and enable content creation for multiple use cases, like Appspace, users are being given a recipe for content success. 

At ISE last week, visitors were treated to demonstrations of how our new partnership with Appspace is enabling users to access a wide range of workplace experiences including digital signage, video, messaging and data from the Appspace platform via a 782 IPTV system

The additional functionality that Appspace delivers allows companies to improve the way that they connect with both internal and external audiences. There are engaging content templates to use, stakeholder channels that aid communication, contactless guest registration, control access and room and desk reservation tools. The platform also allows users to publish to individuals, groups, and locations with multiple publishing options. 

Using the combination of the Media Player 782 and Appspace, our customers will now be able to exercise even greater control over their content. This will not only make it easier to schedule and track impactful signage and IPTV projects from one easy-access platform, but it will lower the costs associated with maintaining and integrating a variety of digital and physical workplace solutions.   

While there are multiple benefits for MediaStar Systems customers, existing users of Appspace who are looking for IPTV and digital signage hardware solutions will have the reassurance of knowing that by choosing MediaStar, their expectations of performance and support to power in-office employee communications will be fully met. 

Another important factor to our tie-up with Appspace is that it further supports the hybrid workplace. As an ideal platform for maintaining communications whether employees are in the office or working remotely, it allows them to maximise the full functionality of the 782 media players, regardless of their location.  

Managing content has always been a critical element of our solutions, but this powerful union of state-of-the-art content delivery solutions between MediaStar and Appspace takes things to a new level in terms of bringing in-office experiences to life. Our customers can now be sure that when they are planning their content projects, they have access to the best hardware and software technology combination.