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MediaStar Systems Unveils MediaStar Low Latency System to Support High Quality Streaming

Latest News / MediaStar Systems Unveils MediaStar Low Latency System to Support High Quality Streaming

MediaStar Systems, developer of the powerful MediaStar range of IPTV and digital media distribution solutions is now shipping its Low Latency System, a powerful combination of products designed to deliver dynamic IPTV distribution at optimum latency to suit the user’s particular network configurations.

MediaStar Systems has brought together three key components – the MediaStar 798 HDMI encoder, the MediaStar Media Portal Player and version 10.1 of the MediaStar Media Manager solution – to create the MediaStar Low Latency System.

The company is responding to the growing business-critical considerations of corporate users who are demanding low latency products to support high quality streaming applications. The launch of the MediaStar 798 encoder earlier this year allowed users to deliver lower latency and re-casting across virtual private networks and the Internet to offices or other locations. However, to ensure a full low latency solution for IPTV, the addition of the Media Portal Player and Media Manager software will deliver significantly greater latency enhancements.

Shaun Oxenham, CEO at MediaStar Systems, said: “Each of these products is powerful in its own right, but latency is a serious issue for many of our customers, and the combination of all three ensures that not only can they achieve a reliable low-latency result, but they can also, through the Media Manager tune the latency required to suit their network configuration. We believe this is a unique feature, and only possible because of the underlying technology in these combined solutions.”

MediaStar Systems is demonstrating the MediaStar Low Latency System at the forthcoming InfoComm exhibition in the US (June 12-14, Orlando, Florida). It also has a range of additional customisable IPTV and digital signage solutions on booth 3089.

In addition, the company will use InfoComm to focus on solutions which feature its end-to-end protected content capabilities. This includes the pro-idiom live stream and mobile stream support in the MediaStar 782 and 782DS media players and the LAN-casters. These are important additions for MediaStar Systems, which is growing its customer base in the US where the corporate TV market is moving towards pro-idiom protected content and HDCP protected output.  The company will also focus on custom encryption end-to-end using AES 128bit solutions which will support any stream into the MediaStar LAN-caster or 798 Encoder and encrypt the stream for delivery to of the MediaStar hardware or software media players.

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution and digital signage products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, audio, training and digital signage.