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Media Management / MediaStar System and Content Management Software (467)

MediaStar System and Content Management Software (467)

Media Manager is a fully integrated management system that supports the MediaStar hardware ecosystem, enables full control of the created media environment and offers extensive reporting and analytics of system performance. It provides all the functions needed to capture, manage, store and display media assets enabling pin point targeting of information on the basis of location, time or content - the right media to the right audience at the right time.

MediaStar System and Content Management Software (467)

Key Features

  • Time-based media playback with content scheduled on loop, daily, weekly and calendar events
  • Manage players individually or groups based on department, floor or building
  • Extensive system metrics logging and graphical analytics facility
  • Single perpetual license
  • Display Real time Tickers, Clocks and RSS feeds throughout the media Network
  • Both global and delegated local admin support for comprehensive multi-site operation
  • Give users with hand held devices quick access to iVod and HLS stream through Media Portal Pages
  • Media Portal users can also view all content via Windows desktop and Browser
  • Supports LDAP/Active Directory for access security and control


(467) - MediaStar Media Manager & "Live" Streaming Server Software c/w 10 Media Player License pack
(792) - MediaStar Media Manager Cloud Gateway Blade
(467-10) - MediaStar Media Manager additional 10 Media Player License pack
(467-20) - MediaStar Media Manager additional 20 Media Player License pack
(467-50) - MediaStar Media Manager additional 50 Media Player License pack
(467-100) - MediaStar Media Manager additional 100 Media Player License pack
(700-467) - MediaStar 1U Rackmount Server with pre-installed Media Manager & "Live" Streaming Server Software
(491) - MediaStar Media Manager Graphical Analytics software module


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MediaStar System and Content Management Software (467)

Media Manager (Model 467) is a client server application built for Windows. It provides a single point of management for media networks from a single site to a global scale with delegated local administration and encrypted server/client communications. It supports multi language operation.

The web client supports full context sensitive help and a true drag and drop GUI experience. The tabbed workspace offers configurable backgrounds into which you can place maps, floor and campus diagrams along with status driven device icons.

An Intuitive navigation system offers quick access to all hardware, media and configuration options such as playlists, user selection lists, tickers and your own branded media. From the same navigation pane you can access the configuration screens for all hardware assets.

Live broadcasts, locally encoded streams, HLS, iVod and VOD content are aggregated under Media Manager and can be assigned to playlists for looped, daily or weekly distribution. Selection lists place content selection in the hands of users with different media channels selectable using an RCU at the player.

Aiming the same content at individual users at the desktop is via the MediaStar Portal Pages (Model 470). As well as creating and publishing the pages from Media Manager, you can configure graphical elements. Channel Icons can be assigned to individual media items with branding for your company or department set into the page.

Media Manager is constantly talking to your MediaStar hardware assets and checking their viability.  It is where they go for software updates. New hardware will automatically be discovered and the performance of existing will be verified while changes to IP addressing or device names will automatically be synced.

Media Manager works with all media using H.265 HEVC, H.264, MPEG2 video and AAC and MPEG1 audio. If you have a library of existing media then Media Manager will automatically transcode the content during ingestion to suit the selected playback devices. Transcoding supports almost all file sources and resolutions to 4K UHD. In addition, it will also detect HDCP Pro link protected content derived from within the MediaStar ecosystem and which players can support them.

The optional Media Manager Graphical Analytics module (Model 491) makes it easy to create and run charts that analyze and compare media usage on the network. A System Overview Report delivers a summary of the content being played on individual display points and enables users to adjust the timeframe so they can see when, and for how long, it was played, and how many times this was repeated.

The Analytics Module includes graphs that can be configured to a company’s own specific needs, providing them with dynamic running reports and an animated view of media playout and usage over time. Groups of charts can be easily compiled into the Analytics Dashboard for review, and users can create shortcuts to store the charts they need to access most frequently.

It also allows the data to be easily exported to PDF or Word format or published to HTML for use in MediaStar web-based applications. Where content is sensitive, there is an option to protect graphs so only authorised users can access them.

Media Manager is licensed to support 10 Digital Media Players as standard and is available as a software only pack for installation onto a user’s own platform (Model 467) or as a pre-installed server (Model 700-467). Additional cumulative player license packs are available to match your system requirements as is the optional Media Manager Graphical Analytics module (Model 491).