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USA Energy Company

MediaStar keeps leading energy company employees up to date on safety and enables monitoring for impactful weather events. 

The Challenge

With responsibility for delivering power to nine million customers across four US states, this USA energy firm, puts great store by ensuring its plants, and its employees, follow strict safety guidelines.  To ensure it could disseminate essential messaging effectively, the company needed a content distribution platform that would be reliable, and scalable. Equally important to the company is access to real time news and weather reports so it can take action to shore up vital infrastructure in the event of hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms.    

The Solution

The energy company initially embarked on a project with MediaStar Systems, which over the past 10 years has grown into an extensive IPTV network.  A combination of MediaStar 778 encoders, 780 decoders and 782 media players allows the company to store, manage, and display internal and live external content, targeting it where it is needed most within their plants. 

The Outcome

Safety guidelines ranging from presentations to videos are delivered across the IPTV network to displays within the plants via a single internal channel using the MediaStar IPTV system. This utility company is also able to monitor breaking news – local, national, and financial – as it happens, as well as seeing weather reports.  The main advantage to the utility is that it has been able to future-proof the system, expanding the number of endpoints and upgrading encoders as its needs have changed.