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US law firm, New York, USA

Law firm keeps a finger on the news pulse thanks to MediaStar.

The Challenge

World-leading organisations choose this highly respected law firm, founded in 1875, to represent them when they need it most.  This firm has a global client roster served by a team of over 700 trial attorneys, acclaimed transactional lawyers and talented partners and associates.  From its twelve locations around the world, the firm constantly evolves to stay at the forefront, and this includes using the very latest technology to enable its company-wide communications.  With so many offices, it was important for the organization to be able to have control over the information it shares across its Local and Wide Area Networks. Therefore, the firm approached MediaStar to help it create an IPTV system with full administration management. 

The Solution

MediaStar specified and installed an IPTV environment incorporating encoders with a multicast enabled switch for low latency video content transmission.  These are connected to a variety of content sources, including DVDs, and VCRs plus a head end for live TV streams.  When the firm first started working with MediaStar, it was using just over 100 software players and 30 endpoints to stream a wide variety of news and entertainment channels, this has now been extensively expanded. To manage access to the channels and oversee scheduling, MediaStar‘s Media Manager content management system was implemented.

The Outcome

The ability to set up administration of the firm’s entire media landscape has allowed it to take full control so users can access specific assets as and when they need them in meeting rooms, conference spaces, open areas and at their desks.  In addition, content can be accessed through online browsers, making the system even more flexible for users on the move. This means that the firm can constantly keep its finger on the pulse of current events, particularly where that might impact its work with clients.