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State Power Authority

A major US power authority has overhauled its digital signage and enhanced its corporate communications following the installation of MediaStar Creator, the easy to use, dynamic signage solution and MediaStar Media Manager for content management.

The Challenge

A major state power authority, which serves businesses of all sizes, not-for-profit organisations, community-owned electric systems and rural electric cooperatives as well as government entities, was looking for a new digital signage solution, primarily to take control of its own content creation. Its previous solution had become outdated, restricting the organization’s output and limiting its ability to incorporate multiple sources of video and data.

The Solution

MediaStar Creator, the easy to use, dynamic signage solution and MediaStar Media Manager, the content management system were deployed on a hub at a central site, enabling content to be designed and scheduled, and then distributed to nine other locations in the state where the power authority is based. This involves a simple drag-and-drop process that includes a mix of live streams, videos and HTML content. The movement of the live multicast streams around the various sites is fully supported by MediaStar IP-casters.

The Outcome

The power authority was determined to maximise its investment in digital signage, and the installation was followed with in-depth training, first at the central site with the corporate communications team, and then with local administrators at each site.  The power authority will continue to be fully supported and trained moving forward so that it can continue to deliver the very best communication to its audience.