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IPTV for an investment firm

Leading investment management firm, Chicago, USA

Growing MediaStar portfolio delivers consistent performance for an investment management firm. 

The Challenge

Since it was founded in 2005, this prominent investment management organisation has created a series of differentiated investment solutions focused on demographic-driven, needs-based assets. It has invested $40 billion across senior housing, student housing, healthcare delivery, life sciences and storage real estate as well as social and utility infrastructure. The company serves its extensive North American and European network from offices in London, Toronto and its HQ in Chicago.  In 2016 the team in Chicago recognised their need for an IPTV content distribution system that would allow them to disseminate information across the entire building, but they specified that any system installed would need first class support. 

The Solution

To optimise the already installed local area network, the firm approached MediaStar Systems which specified multiple main system encoders, which as well as being connected to live TV content source inputs, were also connected to satellite feeds, video conference systems, studio feeds and PCs. Users throughout the firm’s offices can access content from more than 24 channels decoded using over 50 MediaStar Media Players. Content management is enabled by the MediaStar Media Manager which allows the firm to capture, manage, store and display content for direct targeting where and when it is needed. Employees also make use of the MediaStar Portal Player which provides easy access via a web page to the media assets held in the system. Technical support is available to the firm’s team directly from MediaStar experts to ensure consistency and reliability.

The Outcome

IPTV delivered by MediaStar is now widely used and relied upon by the company to ensure they have access to up-to-the-minute news and information, plus recorded content. Accessible throughout their offices, in conference rooms and in the lobby area, it works alongside the Matrix switcher and Crestron system.  Since the original installation in 2016, the firm has regularly added to the IPTV system which has scaled with its expansion and growing needs, and with the back-up of the support team at MediaStar has never failed to deliver on the promised high performance.