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Investment Bank, City of London, UK

Staying ahead of the game when it comes to financial trading is dependent on access to real-time information reliably delivered.

The Challenge

When a multinational independent investment bank and financial services company wanted to overhaul its entire audio-visual system, one of the main objectives was to ensure its busy floor of traders in London would be able to rely on live market data 24 hours a day. The organisation, which operates in over 30 markets in asset management, retail and business banking, wealth management and commodity trading, had an additional request – minimal disruption. The project needed to be started and completed within just one weekend.

The Solution

Our partner, FitzPro, specified a cutting-edge solution combining new monitors, brackets and cabling with integrated digital signage and software, a replacement switch and control processor, and to meet the requirement for reliable, scalable TV distribution, a brand new MediaStar IPTV headend and Media Player system. The integrator’s commitment to rolling out the equipment quickly, meant that the trading floor closed on Friday night, and reopened on Monday morning with no disruption to traders.

The Outcome

The initial overhaul took place ten years ago, and the level of achievement meant that a further 20 MediaStar endpoints have since been added on to the network to meet the needs of the growing team. The bank uses MediaStar Media Manager, the content management solution, to internally administer and oversee all content. This ranges from local live news feeds and international broadcast channels to internal corporate information and captured web pages ensuring it reaches traders where and when they need it. Positive feedback from traders indicates that they are receiving vital data enabling them to respond quickly. This year, the bank will upgrade its IPTV system to ensure it has the latest software to enhance its streaming experience. All new MediaStar products are backward compatible with previous IPTV generations, ensuring that the bank can keep its traders ahead of the game.