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Global news and Media Company

MediaStar Systems has worked with one of the world’s most prominent news and media organisations to deliver IPTV managed distribution across 73 countries and provided a comprehensive upgrade at its London-based headquarters.

The Challenge

This media giant upgraded its original Cat-5 cabling-based system at a number of its locations and decided to implement a major migration to IPTV at it’s London-based European HQ. Not only did it want to add more flexibility and features, it also wanted to simultaneously link every one of its international locations to its worldwide headquarters in New York. The objective was to enable global control, administration and support of media content and to implement IPTV streaming and signage with the highest levels of reliability, scalability and ease of use.

The Solution

The company opted to upgrade its existing MediaStar system and not only roll it out to hundreds of users in London, but also install new servers in New Jersey to run a global content management system with secondary support in the UK. MediaStar IPTV was engineered to capture and encode content and store media assets in one central location, and then display that content in high definition onto any screen, tablet or smartphone at 120 different offices in 80 different countries.

The Outcome

MediaStar Media Manager, the content management solution at the heart of the product, has been crucial to the success of the project. It is administered internally and underpins global control of the company’s media environment. It is used to provide all the daily functions of capturing, managing, storing and displaying content – from internal channels and international broadcast channels to captured web pages and digital signage assets. The success of the project is measured by uninterrupted access to the right content at the right time; by being able to control and administer media assets efficiently on a global basis and by the tangible increase in productivity by the users who access the content.