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Australian City Council

MediaStar keeps Council staff up to date on news and information

The Challenge

An Australian City Council has an extensive IPTV network in the building, across which it wanted to distribute live and recorded content to staff and visitors. 

The Solution

In response to the original requirement MediaStar Systems installed a media distribution and digital signage solution. Over the past ten years, the Council has expanded this, using the full range of features to deliver live broadcasts and internal video to its team. In addition, they can create, manage and display signage that keeps employees updated and informed throughout the building. behind the scenes. 

The Outcome

Video streaming at the Council is easy to manage and quick to deploy, and the team has full control over the media environment. This allows them to receive full reports and analysis of system performance, and to schedule digital signage on the basis of location, time or content. MediaStar supports multiple video formats to play out live content including news and sport, or recorded or internal content including council-generated broadcasts.