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Application Partners

Partnering with leading third party applications

Application Partners

MediaStar Systems partners with leading third party applications to deliver enhanced solutions in digital signage, streaming and IPTV for our customers. These integrated solutions grant access to a wide range of functions through our media players and portals, and other MediaStar products.

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Our collaboration with Appspace allows us to deliver state-of-the-art content management solutions for MediaStar Systems customers. For existing users of Appspace looking for IPTV hardware solutions, this partnership provides peace of mind that their expectations will be fully met. 

The Appspace partner certification applies to our 782-SL and 782-LT IPTV and media players, and through these systems customers are able to access a variety of workplace experiences, including digital signage, video, messaging and data.

Netgear AV


Working with Netgear allows us to provide fully integrated IPTV solutions with the use of network switches. Many customers use Netgear as they are simple to set up and require little maintenance in the day to day operation. They are suited to a mix of customers, ranging from smaller installations to larger ones, providing greater control with multiple switch environments.